CINDY PACK, famous for fronting The Shakes and slinging hooch at CBGB, is the songwriting brain behind

No Valentine. These days she's slinging a Gibson Les Paul and her lead vocals range from growl to howl.
MIKE LINN, one time house drummer for Cryptovison Records, pounded the skins for hip hop/punk rocker Princess Superstar, electronica group Spalding Rockwell, and the hard rocking Dirty and Naughty.

His hard charging beat propels the sting and thunder of No Valentine's sound.
LAURA SATIVA has played bass with rock legends Sylvain Sylvain and Jayne County, and toured the world with Mongrel Bitch and She Wolves. She likes it most when she's singing the "la la las".

NO VALENTINE has an arsenal of original songs that don't all sound alike.

It's definitely rock n roll, but it's more than that.

There are lean guitar riffs straight from 1968 London,

4 on the floor punk beats, Stax like grooves, and full on barn-burners.
Lyrics speak universal truths and sing la la las, ballads of murder with hooks of pop.

On every tune you get 1... 2... 3... or no vocals at all. Nothing like a galloping hard rock instrumental.

Do the songs sound familiar? They just might be, check out where they've turned up and what folks are saying.
NO VALENTINE is an exciting and unpredictable live band, check them out!!